Suitable for firefighting and industrial applications, Alsafe provides durable, lightweight composite cylinders that form an integral part of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) sets.

Alsafe Carbon Fiber Cylinders for

Fire & Rescue

Each Alsafe carbon fiber cylinder comprises an aluminum alloy inner liner, an overwrap of high-strength carbon fiber, a protective layer of fiberglass, and a final layer of epoxy resin. 

The complete composite materials produce a lightweight, anti-impact, corrosion and high temperature resistant cylinder that can be filled to high pressure.

MATERIAL Aluminum 6061 & Carbon Fiber
THREAD SIZE M18*1.5 | 5/8-18UNF | Other Sizes May Be Available Upon Request
GRAPHICS Custom Logos or Labels Available Upon Request
OPTIONALS Form A | Form E | Third Party Inspection
ACCESSORIES Valves | Filling stations
ModelOutside Diameter (mm)Water Capacity (l)Cylinder Length (mm)Cylinder Weight (kg)Service Pressure (bar) / (psi)
CRPIII-106-2.0-30-T1152.03271.52 300 / 4350
CRPIII-120-2.5-30-T1292.53231.64 300 / 4350
CRPIII-124-2.7-30-T1372.73171.90 300 / 4350
CRPIII-106-3.0-30-T1153.04552.08 300 / 4350
CRPIII-124-4.7-30-T1374.74973.15 300 / 4350
CRPIII-145-6.8-30-T1616.85374.40 300 / 4350
CRPIII-161-9.0-30-T1759.05735.80 300 / 4350
CRPIII-192-12-30-T20812.05506.86 300 / 4350
CRPIII-192-20-30-T20820.085212.00 300 / 4350
ModelOutside Diameter (mm)Water Capacity (l)Cylinder Length (mm)Cylinder Weight (kg)Service Pressure (bar) / (psi)
CRPIII-106-2.0-20-T1132.03301.40 200 / 2900
CRPIII-120-2.5-20-T1272.53091.52 200 / 2900
CRPIII-106-3.0-20-T1133.04652.00 200 / 2900

Alsafe’s carbon fiber cylinders are constructed with an aluminium alloy inner shell and are fully overwrapped with carbon fiber, fiberglass, and epoxy resin.

Detailed technical specifications can be found on the cylinder label.

Alsafe is capable of manufacturing carbon fiber cylinders that conform to any of the following standards: ISO11119, DOT CFFC, EN12245, or GB28053.

The cylinders are subjected to periodic inspection and testing by an approved test station, following the inspection standard and the inspection period indicated on the cylinder label.

If your cylinder is damaged, do not fill it. Contact Alsafe or your local distributor for further guidance and potential replacement options.

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