Hydrogen gas storage

Alsafe’s carbon fiber cylinders can be utilized in a wide range of UAV applications, including pipeline inspection, overhead power line patrol, surveying and mapping, traffic patrol, film &  broadcasting, agriculture, parcel delivery, and in scientific & research contexts.

Storage Solutions for Hydrogen Fuel Cell in


Introducing Alsafe’s Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders, specifically engineered for fuel cell-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and drones.


These cylinders are designed for use with hydrogen fuel cells, which offer several distinct advantages. Hydrogen fuel cells have a higher energy density than batteries, providing drones with extended flight times. They can be quickly refueled, operate efficiently in low temperatures, and use hydrogen – a clean energy source that can help reduce environmental pollution. This makes our hydrogen fuel cell drones ideal for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

ModelOutside Diameter (mm)Water Capacity (l)Cylinder Length (mm)Cylinder Weight (kg)Service Pressure (bar / psi)H2 Volume (g)Service Life (times)
UQL-106-2.0-35-T/A11223311.1350 / 507547.33300
UQL-120-2.5-35-T/A1262.53201.3350 / 507559.28300
UQL-124-2.7-35-T/A1332.73141.4350 / 507563.9300
UQL-106-3.0-35-T/A11234551.5350 / 507571300
UQL-145-5.0-35-T/A14854172.0 350 / 5075118300
UQL-161-9.0-35-T/A16895703.4350 / 5075213300
UQL-192-12-35-T/A200125364.3350 / 5075284300
UQL-192-20-35-T/A200208366.2350 / 5075513 300

Alsafe’s carbon fiber cylinders are constructed with an aluminium alloy inner shell and are fully overwrapped with carbon fiber, fiberglass, and epoxy resin.

Detailed technical specifications can be found on the cylinder label.

Alsafe is capable of manufacturing carbon fiber cylinders that conform to any of the following standards: ISO11119, DOT CFFC, EN12245, or GB28053.

The cylinders are subjected to periodic inspection and testing by an approved test station, following the inspection standard and the inspection period indicated on the cylinder label.

If your cylinder is damaged, do not fill it. Contact Alsafe or your local distributor for further guidance and potential replacement options.

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